April Showers Alone Bring May Flowers –   True or False?

False: April is typically a wet month on Cape Cod. Plants usually do not have to worry about having enough water in the spring to start growing and producing flowers. However, the temperature is equally if not the most important ingredient in dictating flowering times.

So now that April is here and Spring has finally sprung it is a great time to get your yard in tip-top shape for summer. One of the first things on your list, if you have not already done so, should be to take your spring cleaning outdoors! It is time to get rid of the leaves, branches, and winter debris. Your spring clean-up should also include weeding, and finishing up pruning and preparing your shrubs and trees. Early Spring is also an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs.

Planting now gives trees and shrubs ample time to get established.

We are still accepting new clients for Spring Cleanups and lawn maintenance service for our 2019 season. Give us a call and let us help you create the back yard you have always dreamed of. 508-548-0911