True Or False?  THE POPPY IS


TRUE: In the battlefields of Europe, the red field poppy was one of the first plants to reappear. The seeds from the common red poppy were scattered in the wind lying dormant until germinating when the ground was disturbed amongst the fighting of World War 1.
The wearing of the poppy flower was customarily done on Memorial Day in the US.  Now, the symbolism has evolved to include all veterans living and deceased, so poppies are also worn on Veteran’s Day.   
Today, poppies symbolize more than the loss of life.  They are a symbol of recovery and new life, particularly in support of the servicemen who survived the war but suffered from physical and psychological injury. 
Growing Poppy Flower seeds can be a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby.  The seeds can be easily germinated at home.  While the ideal time to plant them is early fall and Spring, seeds can still be put in your gardens during late May to Early June.
What a wonderful and colorful tribute to all the brave men and women on this Memorial Day weekend!

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