Raised Garden Beds are for Aesthetics only?

True or False?

FALSE! The are many benefits to raised garden beds and they are ideal for growing small plots of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Raised garden beds tend to provide good drainage compared to ground level gardens and provide a more comfortable and custom working level. They also allow you a head start in the spring by warming the soil earlier and keep pathway weeds out of your beds.  Gardeners are re-discovering the very old technique of raised beds. 

Want to add beauty to your gardens?  Call or email us today to set up an appointment with Josh, our Maintenance Manager. Josh has several styles that he is offering this season.  One of his favorites ( not pictured) is based on a century-old design made from a premium New England Cedar and built to last for many years with its mortise-and-tenon design.  Call us today 508-548-0911.